I LOVE Simple and Elegant Design

Hello there! My name is Ritchie Linao, I’m a freelancer based in Cebu City, Philippines. I design elegant website from scratch, develop it with WordPress and for mobile phones. Do you want a website now? Contact me for a free quotation.

Work Process

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Publish
  • ResearchResearch
  • PlanPlan
  • DesignDesign
  • DevelopDevelop
  • PublishPublish

Recent Portfolio

  • Photo By Pros
  • Ritchie Linao v4
  • Malsa

Latest Blog Post

The Old and New Generations of Wife

February 15, 2015

Time run fast and people change from every generation to generation. Some of the new mother still sticks from the old and some don’t. Why? It’s because the new generations are spoiled and pampered too much by their parents. Am I right or not? It’s up for you to decide.…

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