I’m a designer for 9 years, a husband to a wonderful wife and a father of a baby boy Rafael Konrad.

As a designer for almost a decade, I have created lots of website, graphics and logo from local to international clients such as United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and London and so on. I’ve work also with some great developers from a company I’ve work for a short while and same as working with great entrepreneurs.

I’ve been also a great adviser to some of my IT friends from college that loves to explore life in freelance world. Some were able to work as full-time home base and some were not.

As I mention in my expertise about SEO, yes, I have knowledge about it but not really an expert as I didn’t know lots of modern tricks about it but the most important things to rank in search engines is something that I also learn from all the research I’ve done.

As everyone may have already know, life of a designer is always about exploring new things and be creative. With that, I also dabble in photography and fell in-love with it. Taking photos really gives me a feeling that can’t be described specially when that moment the sun is setting down or arise. And one of the best things I’m in-love in photography is taking photos of people for a living such as wedding and portraits. You can check out all my photos at www.dodzki.com.